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2024 Baseball & Softball

Training Description

Tsunami Academy educates players on both fundamentals and advanced training of the game. Each week, players will have an opportunity to experience different concepts through various programs with our staff, including professional MLB players & current college players for hands on instruction. Tsunami Academy offers state of the art technology and equipment for metrics that isn’t offered anywhere else in the area! The advanced technology is amazing on its own, but paired up with our elite instructors to implement corrective movements and adjustments is what separates Tsunami Academy from the rest.

Trackman is utilized in every Major League Baseball Organization. There are currently only 3 Trackman devices located in the entire Northern California proximity and we have one of them. Trackman provides in-depth metrics for hitting, pitching, & live at bats. This system allows us to better understand each player’s efficiency and how effective their swing or pitch will be. This information allows our instructors to make adjustments and create individualized programs for each player. Whether it’s release, flight or strike zone data, we have all the essential data points to make each hitter and pitcher better! The data collected includes:


Release: Release speed, Spin rate, Spin Axis, Release height, Release Side, Extension, Vertical Release Angle, efficiency %, and Horizontal Release Angle.
Flight: Vertical Movement & Horizontal Movement.
Strike Zone: Plate Height, Plate Side, Vertical Approach Angle,

and Horizontal Approach Angle.

Launch: Exit Speed, Spin Rate, 3D Contact Point,

Launch Angle, and Launch Direction.

Flight: Distance

Hittrax sensor and technology is another amazing tool for our players to use. Hittrax provides a better understanding on ball flight, exit velocity, launch angle, distance, & more. We allow our players to see their metrics on large 75’ monitors. Players can hit in any MLB stadium and can adjust levels from 8U to Major League level. Instructors utilize Hittrax advanced metrics and assessment reports to better evaluate player performance. When we review the large sample sets, instructors have a better sense of a player’s ability and can further analyze their full potential. Players are also able to leverage their personal accounts to see reports and metrics that set them apart from their peers. This will also provide opportunity for recruitment in the future. By offering quantitative data, players are able to demonstrate their skills to the fullest.


At any level, mental toughness and a positive mindset is extremely important to a player’s career. Understanding the importance of the mental game, Tsunami instructors will guide each player on techniques to control their emotions and channel their thoughts to reinforce a positive mindset.

Individualized Metrics & Programs for each player include:

  1. Trackman – Individual Accounts

  2. Hittrax– Individual Accounts

  3. Blast Metrics

  4. Stalker Pro MPH Metrics

  5. Arm-care Preventative program

  6. Strength Training Program

  7. Agility Movements

  8. Mobility Program

  9. Fielding Mechanics & Breakdown

  10. Throwing Mechanics & Breakdown

  11. Hitting Mechanics & Breakdown

  12. Catching Mechanics & Breakdown

  13. Velocity Program

  14. Mental Approach

  15. Situational Defense & Awareness


  • Individualized programming 

  • Stalker Pro

  • Trackman

  • Hittrax

  • Blast

  • & more!



Tsunami Academy Facility

2044 Old Middlefield Way,

Mountain View CA 94043


All skill levels are welcomed! 

Ages: 5 - 18



Running Shoes/Turf Shoes

Athletic Shirt/Shorts


Water Bottle





Monday -Friday

June 17th - 21st

June 24th - 28th

July 1st - 5th

July 8th - 12th

July 15th - 19th

July 22nd - 26th 

July 29th - August 2nd

August 5th - 9th


Session #1

9:00AM - 2:00PM

Session #2

2:00 - 6:00PM


$795/week - Singles Package (1-3 weeks)

$750/week - Home Run Package (4 weeks)

$700/week - Grand Slam Package (6 weeks)

*Discount options available!

Contact 'Coach K' 

for more information

(808) 479-7975




Please download and submit our Tsunami Player/Parent Contract located in our invitation email. An email invitation will be sent to you to reserve your roster spot. Please check your spam mail if no invitation is received within 1 minute.

Thank you!

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