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Tsunami Academy is known for its excellent staff of baseball & Softball trainers in California. Tsunami educates players of all levels, ages, and abilities. Our team works hard to actively continue developing our knowledge of the game each day. Our decades of experience as professional players contribute to the advanced knowledge we have as instructors for our youth & elite players.


With over 10,000+ private baseball/softball lessons given by our team, we are well educated on how to effectively communicate with players of all ages and skill levels, from 5 years old to players over 50 who still love the game and enjoy refining their skills. Our purpose as instructors is to help each player who wants to improve their skills have the opportunity to maximize their abilities. It is also essential to us that every player enjoys their experience while learning the game, even at the higher levels.


In addition to educating our players on different skill sets and giving private baseball lessons, our team recognizes our role as teachers and mentors for each player. Tsunami takes great pride in being positive role models and leaders for each and every player that we instruct. We all love what we do, and it is an amazing blessing to have the opportunity to continue being involved in the game we love and sharing knowledge throughout our community.

For more information on how to download and reserve packages, please click on the link below for our APP instructions!

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