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Aloha from the Tsunami Academy!

We have some exciting news to share with you! Tsunami Academy is a state-of-the-art training facility that is available to our community! This facility is equipped with the same specialized equipment used by MLB Organizations. Only two locations in the entire northern California region have these professional tools and we are one of them! Come and experience our top-of-the-line metrics equipment such as Trackman, Hittrax, Stalker radar guns, & more!

We want to offer families access to this equipment to help further evolve players and take them to the next level. 



2 COMPLETE HITTRAX SYSTEMS on 75” wide screen TV’s for our players to view their real-time stats, an App to track progress, performance metrics, powerful video analysis, trend reports, game results, and more. This system provides many stats for our players such as:


-Exit Velocity

-Launch Angle


-Play outcome

-Strike Zone Analysis

-High Speed Video w/integrated metrics


-Arm Strength

-Pop time/Transfer Time

-Exchange Time

-Throw Accuracy

-Caught Stealing %

-Strike zone Analysis

-High Speed Video w/integrated metrics


-Pitch Velocity

-Pitch Location

-Late Break Measurement

-% Of Strikes

-Performance by Pitch Type

-Opposing Batting Stats

- High Speed Video w/integrated metrics


- Maximize performance through an engaging and competitive experience

- Quantitative and visual feedback delivers powerful insight to your training

- Gain visibility to college programs

- Immediate assessments and trending reports

- Foster player engagement and faster “buy in” to instruction

- Validate instruction with quantitative data

- Deliver in-depth session analysis, trending reposts, video analysis, and more!

Hittrax also allows players to set up teams to compete against each other in games and tournaments! A 7-inning game of 6-8 players’ vs 6-8 players takes 30-45min to complete. We will be holding reservations for birthday parties, events, and tournaments for players wanting to use the gaming side of our Hittrax!


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The Portable B1 Trackman system is the most advanced on the market. Every MLB organization uses this system to track metrics for bullpens and live at bats. This will help take our players to the NEXT LEVEL!!


Measure what the eye cannot see. Fraction of an inch accuracy requires TrackMan’s innovative and patented technology. TrackMan measures the full ball trajectory, spin rate, and provides all the necessary metrics like



Whether it’s release, flight or strike-zone data, Trackman has all the essential data points that make your pitchers better.


Release Speed, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Release Height, Release Side, Extension, Vertical Release Angle, and Horizontal Release Angle.


Vertical Movement and Horizontal Movement.


Plate Height, Plate Side, Vertical Approach Angle, and Horizontal Approach Angle.

Important Data points for batters to improve their game.


Exit Speed, Spin Rate, 3D Contact Point, Launch Angle, and Launch Direction.


Analyze and understand the importance of 3D spin. There are no assumptions, 3D spin is always measured, never calculated, just pure tracking. It’s a game changer.



Throw harder and stay healthy using The ArmCare App uses your shoulder strength and range of motion data to create individualized arm care training. Training that will maximize your arm strength and velocity.

Maximize Your Full Potential: The Science Behind the ArmCare Assessment.

  • The ArmCare Assessment is based on scientific concepts and cutting-edge technology, and it is specifically developed to assist baseball players in reaching their top performance. The novel strength and range of motion sensor included in the package serves a critical part in this process, providing accurate and trustworthy data on an athlete's arm capabilities. The ArmCare app then uses this data to develop a personalized training regimen that focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to improve their arm health and performance on the field.

  • The emphasis on data-driven training is a key component of the ArmCare Assessment Package's effectiveness. The software can make informed recommendations regarding the most effective exercises and stretches to add into a player's training regimen by continuously analyzing an athlete's strength, exhaustion, and recovery levels. This not only allows athletes to achieve results faster, but also to train smarter and more efficiently, lowering the chance of injury and setbacks.

  • The ArmCare app considers the psychological part of athletic performance in addition to physical data. The daily check-in tool provides players with crucial information about how their arm and body are feeling, helping them to detect possible problem areas and fix them ahead of time. This all-encompassing approach to arm care not only enhances physical health but also enables athletes to develop greater self-awareness and emotional resilience.

  • The ArmCare Assessment offers a scientifically grounded and highly successful solution for players wishing to unlock their maximum potential by combining cutting-edge technology with a thorough understanding of the human body and the unique demands of baseball. The ArmCare Assessment Package, with its strong commitment to data-driven, tailored training, enables athletes to change their game and achieve exceptional success on the field.

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Monitor Fatigue, the #1 Risk Factor for Injury

  • Advanced fatigue monitoring to help prevent injuries before they occur. 

  • Data providing players when to reduce their throwing workloads or when to take time off.

  • Results to see if a player is ready to push performance with velocity program.

Track Player Progress & Improvement

  • Tracking each player's progress at Tsunami Academy or virtually.

  • View test results, player feedback, performance analytics and trends in seconds!

  • Customize training for each player from their progress. 

Analyze the Data in Our Performance Lab

  • Quantifiable data to know which program works best for each individual.

  • Examine a players rep, workout, daily check in, & soreness.

  • Analyze strengths & Weaknesses for each age group.

Provide Individualized Programs to Maximize Strength

  • Create a better understanding on WHY each workout is beneficial.

  • Adapt & Adjust from the off season to in season.

  • Maximize strength efficiently.

Stalker PRO Radar Guns & Digital Boards

Capture SPIN RATE and VELOCITY with a hand-held gun

The Stalker Pro IIs goes where no other sport radar has gone before. It is the only hand-held sports radar gun that measures baseball spin. No delay, no estimations, simple measurements.  And it does it as quickly and easily as it tracks peak or across-the-plate velocity. Now you can take this all-important pitching metric with you wherever you go. Add to that, built in wireless connectivity makes the Stalker Pro IIs unmatched by any other device.


3.5-Digit 8" LED Speed Sign

Wirelessly stream velocity right from the gun

Stalker’s LED Speed Signs use high-intensity LEDs with no moving parts to break or wear out. Easily connect to Stalker Sport Radar guns with dedicated cables, or wirelessly using wireless modules.  Connect up to three LED Speed Signs to a Stalker Pro II radar to simultaneously show Pitch, Plate, and Hit speeds.


 Live streaming, Stadium Mode Display, Enhanced Auto Mode, Streamlined User Interface

Improve your game, one measurement at a time. The newly-updated Stalker Sport App pairs with the Stalker Pro IIs (the only handheld baseball radar gun that measures spin rate!) and the Pro II+ to capture video and stats for every pitch.

And this radar app isn’t just about baseball and pitching. It has also been designed for softball and tennis players, with unique settings programmed into the app for each sport. Track balls coming towards and going away from the radar (peak velo and exit velo) at both close range or across the field.

You can measure, record, and track throws between bases, the speed a ball travels from the bat to the outfield, the speed the pitch is returned, serve and return speed in tennis, and even how fast a runner dashes around the diamond in baseball and softball. If it is in motion, it can be measured, and, as Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets improved.”

Easy to use, especially with the new hands-off automatic video recording feature, the Stalker Sport App is a must-have for scouts, coaches, trainers, and aspiring players – anyone who is focused on continuous improvement.

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