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What is the JUCO Academy? 

Are you a College Freshman or Sophomore looking for a 4 year college? Or a 4 year college player, looking to take the leap to a better school and program? Even a high school senior that wants to get 'College Ready'? This Academy is for you.


Specialized for todays College players, Tsunami's JUCO Academy offers top level work outs and equipment for you to base your training off.  This program is a program where YOU are in control! Do you need to strengthen your legs? Lets do it! Do you need to work on the inside pitch? Lets do it! Are we needing to add some flexibility? You know the drill, LET'S DO IT!

This program is designed so that you are in the drivers seat and are doing what is best for you. We are here to get you ready for the season ahead and the next jump in your baseball / softball career. You will have access to all 3 indoor cages which include pitching machines, mounds, 2 hittrax sensors, trackman and radar guns amongst many more of the best technologies in the game today. You will also have full access to the indoor gym and coaches who will have specialized programs waiting for you designed for you.


The program run on Monday and Wednesday night from 9pm - 11pm. The cost reflective of a College players budget. At $250 per month you get 2 sessions per week with full access to the facilities mentioned above. This is not like other gyms where you pay for the year, again we are geared to the college player so you pay one month at a time for what you need.





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