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Aloha Tiki Crew!

Below are some common questions asked from both incoming players and parents regarding Tsunami Academy. 

Don't see your question? Please feel free to send us a message below or contact us via phone or email located at the bottom of the page. 


What age do we accommodate?

The short answer is that we accommodate for ages 6 - 22 years. We have a wide range of groups that allow for us to place your athlete into a group that matches their skill set. Groups are not permanent and individuals that work hard to improve will be rewarded by moving up in skill level.

What is the Tsunami difference?

The Tiki Crew has a strong mindset that what we put into training today, will show on the field tomorrow. Our academy focuses on the mechanical breakdown & movements of each and every player which is then followed up by video analysis/metrics. We are training - oriented rather than travel ball orientated. While we love travel ball and games just as much as everyone else, we have found that it lacks the step by step and individual breakdown that allows our athletes to develop their skill set in a controlled environment for the future. Here at Tsunami we believe in a player's long-term goal & health. We want to maximize each player's individual abilities, while preventing overuse and injuries.

Do you recommend playing little league?

Yes! Being a part of a community and building friendships with the families around you is so important for each player! It is a great place to be on the field to learn in-game situations & character building. Volunteer coaches do a tremendous job dedicating many hours to help players develop as a person and a player.

Do you recommend playing travel ball?

Yes, depending on the program, skill, & age. Tsunami Academy has about 80% of our players playing travel ball! Our players come from every travel ball organization in the Bay Area. When a player is ready to find a team (usually 12 & older), we can get recommendations from other families experiences and guide you in the right direction. We will also do our best to schedule your Tsunami training around your travel ball practices. Tsunami Academy encourages families to send videos & feedback so we are able to breakdown a player's mechanical and mental adjustments during their games. You don't need to PAY for a private lesson to get these answers!

Pros: - Pressure with in-game situations (when they get playing time). - Facing in-game adversity w/the right coaching staff at every game. - Field training on situation awareness (groups smaller than 15 for quality reps). - Competition is higher than Recreation ball for a challenge. - Opportunities to be seen for college recruitment (not in local tourney's). However, this is only with the teams taking players out to elite tournaments in AZ, FL, TX, etc. If your player isn't already getting opportunities in the local tourney's, they also probably won't get playing time when the teams play the elite tournaments.

Cons: - Players get injured from overuse or burnt out to win games (exceeding pitch count or games every month all year long with no recovery process). - If a player is not the top talent, they will play a couple innings in pool play (Saturday) and get benched for bracket play (Sunday) to win for the organization. - 12-16 players on the roster (only 9 positions).  - 10 to 15 hour weekends as early as 7am and late as midnight games (rain delays). Tournaments can be local or 4 hours away. - Travel and high expense to only see your player in the game for a few innings and one at-bat, then put into the outfield (usually not the preferred position the player wants to develop in).

What is the pricing?

For us to accommodate to each and every athlete differently, pricing differs through factors like age to skill level. We want each of our players to have the best success they can, and as we develop our athletes they will progress at different times. As they do so, more opportunities open up for them to compete and practice in.  ​ To help give you an indication of the price, we like to meet the new members of the Tiki Crew before they join us so we can get a better understanding of the level they are performing at, not just on the field but also in the classroom and as a person.

Does experience level matter?

When applying to Tsunami Academy, experience level can range from beginners to advanced. It is our job to maximize the skills of each player in our training programs. There will be an age group that can match your abilities and strengths. All we ask for is to work hard and commit to the process.

When do summer camps run?

Summer camps typically run through June, July, & August. More information on these programs will be published around January for the summer of 2024.

Where are we located?

We are located in Mountain View at 2044 Old Middlefield Way, CA 94043. Additionally we occasionally have field practices at other locations away from our facility but all information will be shared to your athlete's team on these specific days.


Do you have additional questions about Tsunami Academy? Please feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly!


+1 (808) 479 7975

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